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Pharmacy is a popular career choice among many medical aspirants. India’s booming Healthcare sector has significantly accelerated the need for competent pharmacists and you have numerous options today to enter the field. There’s a broad variety of Diploma courses available such as D. Pharm, Diploma in Veterinary Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Herbal Products, Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance, and PGDM in Technical & Analytical Chemistry among others. These diploma courses are usually shorter than other types of Pharmacy courses, ranging from 1 to 3 years of duration depending on the chosen course and university. You can also opt for a bachelor’s degree course in Pharmacy and even a Master’s course is available if you’re looking to add further academic experience to your profile.

With a Pharmacy Degree or Diploma, you can go on to have a fulfilling and satisfying professional career. You can secure a well-paying job in either a private or a government organization or go on to set up a pharmacy store of your own. Those who wish to bring new innovations to the field of Pharmacy can also take up a Ph.D. course in Pharmacy, which will also help them secure a job as a Professor.

Pharmacists are involved in everything from producing, marketing, to dispensing medicines. Everyone is aware of the devastating consequences of a medicinal mixup. Therefore, the number one skill that is required of Pharmacy Aspirants is the ability to work error-free. Since pharmacy primarily involves the distribution of medicines, there’s naturally a lot of communication involved. A pharmacist should possess good verbal, and written communication skills since they’re in charge of informing people about things such as dose of administration and when and how to take medicines. A good pharmacist should also have multitasking, management, proof-reading, basic computing, calculation, and patient counseling skills.

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