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Paramedical science entails emergency and primary care to patients. These patients can include vehicular accident, gunshot, heart attack, or infectious disease victims among others. Paramedics are the first responders to an emergency call. They are the first to arrive at the scene and provide emergency care. The primary responsibility of paramedics is to stabilize people with life-threatening injuries by tending to their wounds and using specialist equipment including defibrillators and ventilators. They evaluate the condition of the patients, assess their symptoms, and adopt a course of treatment accordingly. They are also in charge of transporting such patients to a place where they can receive the proper care they require, typically the emergency department of a hospital. Their responsibility continues while in transit as well, where they usually administrate pain relief medication and other intravenous infusions. They keep monitoring the condition of the patient until they reach the hospital where they provide the hospital staff with all the relevant information on the patient’s condition. Some of their other duties involve communicating with the patients’ family and friends, educating the public on how to correctly use first aid techniques, transporting patients between hospitals, maintenance of equipment, and filing reports.

The job of a paramedic is evidently a heavily demanding one and comes with great responsibility. A good paramedic has to be a quick-thinker, efficient decision-maker, and effective problem-solver. Paramedics are often faced with distressing and difficult situations where it becomes necessary for them to remain calm and composed. It is also required of them to be able to make measured and well thought out yet swift decisions. A paramedical aspirant should have strong communication skills and mental resilience along with compassion and care for others. Since the job also entails a lot of physical tasks a paramedical aspirant should also have a good level of physical fitness and possess navigational and driving skills.

If you’ve passed 12th with science as major including biology as a subject you are eligible for admission to various undergraduate paramedical courses that are offered in universities nationwide and abroad. You can also opt for a diploma, certificate, or postgraduate course as per your requirement. The guidance of professional career consultants at True Way International is enriched with deep industry insights and intensive experience. We have successfully helped numerous students get admission into their dream college in prominent Indian universities in Tamilnadu, Bangalore, and Kerala, and even abroad.


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