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Oman Nursing Council Verification

What is Oman Nursing Council?

The Oman Nursing Council (ONC) verification is a process conducted by the Oman Nursing Council, which is the regulatory body for nursing practice in Oman. The verification is typically required for nurses who obtained their nursing education or training outside of Oman and are seeking to practice nursing in Oman. The purpose of the ONC verification is to ensure that the qualifications and credentials of foreign-educated nurses meet the standards set by the Oman Nursing Council.

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Who need this?

Medical professionals such as Nurses, doctors, Pharmacists, lab technician etc

How is the process done?

Evaluate the documents and assess the qualifications and eligibility to practice nursing in Oman.

Why this needed?

It is prerequisite for foreign-educated nurses to obtain a license or permit to practice nursing in Oman.

What are the documents needed?


  • Old passport copy with visa stamped page
  • Oman ID card (Pathaka)
  • Nursing license copy
  • Old good standing certificate from Oman nursing council
  • Date of license renewal
  • Electronic Dated and Signed CGFNS Verification Form
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