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Trueway International provides you with MOFA attestation very fast and prompt

Essential documents to obtain MOFA attestation

MOFA attestation basically takes 2-3 weeks. To complete the MOFA attestation rapidly and smoothly you must have some documents with you. They are:

  • Original copies of your education certificates
  • Copy of your passport
  • Authentication Letter

Procedure for MOFA attestation

MOFA attestation is done to migrate abroad for any purpose. Commonly, MOFA attestation is done for educational documents, and for other documents, such as commercial and non-educational ones, MOFA is not applicable.

The main procedures for MOFA attestation for educational documents are:

SDM/HRD + MEA + (Notary) + UAE Embassy Attestation + MOFA

Step 1


In this stage this department verifies and confirms the authenticity of the documents submitted.

Step 2


Here, MEA also confirms the authenticity of the certificate.

Step 3

UAE Embassy Attestation

The UAE embassy will attest to the documents and prove their genuineness.

Step 4


This is the last stage. MOFA in the UAE provides the final and crucial attestation.

Common uses of MOFA attestation:


• Is MOFA needed to go to France?

For any country, MOFA attestation is essential for getting a resident visa, work permit and higher education.

• Can I directly submit my documents to the MOFA office in a foreign country?

Generally, you need to complete the attestation process in your home country before submitting the documents to the MOFA office in a foreign country.

• Which types of documents require MOFA attestation?

Different countries have different requirements, but commonly attested documents include educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, commercial documents, and power of attorney documents.