DataFlow For DHAMAN Kuwait

Dataflow for Dhaman Kuwait

Dataflow is the verification of all necessary documents that you have submitted while applying for a job abroad. Dataflow verification includes the verification of degree certificates, experience certificates, registration, good standing services as well as validity from the source where this was issued.

Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) Kuwait:

DHAMAN Kuwait is the organization that is in charge of screening the applications of healthcare professionals practicing in Kuwait. We have experienced staff at Trueway, who can help you in applying for the dataflow and exam processes without any hassles. We provide dataflow for Kuwait for Doctors, Nurses, MLTs, Pharmacists, Dentists, etc. DHAMAN is in charge of establishing an integrated healthcare system that includes medical insurance programs, as well as building and operating a network of primary healthcare centers and hospitals that covers all of Kuwait, all while employing best professional practices to ensure healthcare sustainability and investing in the health sector’s infrastructure in accordance with international standards.


What is Primary Source Verification or PSV?

Primary Source Verification is the process in which the data or certificates submitted by us are verified by a specialized international firm called “the dataflow group” directly from the primary or original source from where the certificate was issued. PSV helps the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) Kuwait in detecting any forged or fraudulent documents and certificates. All health care professionals should undergo Primary Source Verification first.

Why is PSV necessary?

PSV helps healthcare sectors to detect any non-genuine certificate. And accordingly, DHAMAN will ensure that the professionals practicing in Kuwait are legitimate and qualified. The process through which Kuwait validates credentialing information from the institution that originally conferred or issued the credential (e.g. authenticity of educational degrees). This is done through DHAMAN’s partnership with the Dataflow group. All health professionals must undergo the PSV process upon initial licensure application or license renewal (for licensed health professionals whose qualifications had not previously undergone PSV). Please note that each document only requires being verified once. Health professionals may be required to repeat the PSV process for verification of newly acquired credentials/qualifications as required for credentialing purposes (e.g. Acquisition of a new educational degree).

Documents required for DATAFLOW