DataFlow For Bahrain

Dataflow for Bahrain

Dataflow Verification is the process of verifying the documents submitted by the applicants for jobs in the healthcare sector. The dataflow group makes sure the information submitted is authentic with verification processes. This is to make sure that they take only the best people for taking care of the people in the Kingdom.

NHRA Bahrain:

For Bahrain this information is verified by the “Dataflow Group” and information is submitted to National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), Bahrain. The process can be done online by submitting the right documents and details, and in Trueway, we have staff with years of experience in this procedure who can help speed up your verification procedure and examination application in a hassle-free manner. Once the PSV and dataflow verification is done, then you have to write a licensure examination for further qualifying. In NHRA, the Department of Health care Professionals Regulations is responsible for the registration, licensing & renewal of licenses for all professionals working in the healthcare department in the Kingdom of Bahrain. NHRA was established to ensure that certified, trained, and competent health care professionals work in Bahrain to provide safe, dependable, high-quality, and effective health care. Professionals entering the healthcare area have their credentials rigorously evaluated in terms of their knowledge, clinical skills, and professional traits required to practice here.

PSV Verification Bahrain:

Primary Source Verification is the verification of the submitted documents by the authorities who issued them. Here all the records you submitted will be taken for verification by the same authority who issued those certificates. This process is done to check the authenticity and validity of the document. This helps them in preventing any fraud or scam from happening. Health professionals may be required to repeat the PSV process for verification of newly acquired credentials/qualifications as required for credentialing purposes (e.g. Acquisition of a new educational degree).

Documents required for DATAFLOW