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Dream of migrating to New Zealand will come true with CGFNS

College verification process

The process of verifying the documents, of the candidate, by the principal of the college he/she studied.

Hospital verification process

Nursing practice form will be filled by the the nursing superintendent of the hospital where the candidate worked before.

Nursing Council verification process

Nursing License Form and supporting documents submitted there will be checked and verified by the council.

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The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools is the full form of CGFNS. CGFNS verification is mandatory for all nurses migrating to New Zealand to pursue nursing professions.

It has to be cleared by the candidates’ college, hospital, and nursing council.

The original Colour PDF of the Nursing Education Form should be filled by the principal. Along with this, the candidate’s syllabus and a very recent transcript also need to be collected. In some colleges, the mail id may end with @ gmail.com or @ yahoo.com. In such a situation where the domain mail id is there, the declaration form showing that the mail is the official mail of the college has to be collected.

With the college’s seal courier it directly from the post office under the college’s jurisdiction to Philadelphia.

A form called nursing practice is filled by the nursing superintendent of the hospital where the candidate worked before, with the seal, signature, and hospital seal, in case the mail id is the domain, then, mail declaration also needs to be collected, and courier it directly to Philadelphia.

A form called Nursing License Form must be submitted to your Nursing Council. Along with this, supporting documents as required by each council should also be provided. Each council will have a different duration. The registrar in the council will do things like seal and signature. When the process is complete, the council couriers the form directly to Philadelphia. Its tracking id will be published on the council website.


• How long does the CGFNS evaluation process take?

The evaluation process takes around 8-12 weeks from the date all required documents are received.

• Is CGFNS certification required for all internationally educated nurses (IENs) seeking to work in the United States?

No, CGFNS certification is not mandatory for all IENs seeking to practice nursing in the United States. CGFNS is needed to migrate to New Zealand.