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Cloud Computing is a revolutionary phenomenon that has significantly improved the way business is conducted. It offers unparalleled scalability, unmatched security, and mind-blowing cost-efficiency. It essentially eliminates the need for businesses to build and maintain enormously huge IT infrastructures to store, secure, and access data required to regulate various day-to-day business operations. In today’s digital atmosphere we generate over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, cloud is an effective solution to store that data without having to deal with the physical complexities of the job. With the cloud, businesses can store data online or on the internet. The said data then can be accessed any time and from any place. The cloud is often referred to as online data centers and readily provides various on-demand computing services and resources such as cloud/data storage, applications, and processing power over the net & on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Owing to the numerous benefits that cloud computing offers, it’s no wonder that enterprises are desperate to find competent cloud engineers. As a matter of fact, as per reports by Ed-tech, 1 million new cloud computing-oriented jobs are expected to be created in India by the year 2022 as more companies continue to adopt cloud technology. The world is currently brimful with jobs for cloud computing experts. To be exact, as per various stats there are an estimated 18 million job openings for cloud computing professionals worldwide. Most of these jobs offer salaries of up to $1,00,000 per Annum. Additionally, advanced cloud experts can earn as high as $2,80,000 per year.

In India, a cloud professional with no previous experience can expect to earn up to 7 Lakh INR per year significantly higher than what a regular IT professional would earn, which is 3-5 Lakh INR per Annum. Cloud engineers with enough experience in India can earn a whopping 30 Lakh Indian Rupees per year.

Cloud Computing would be a good option for you if you wanna turn your passion for technologies and computing into something incredibly beneficial for you. A cloud computing aspirant should have a basic understanding of computing concepts such as programming and networking and a proclivity for learning new things and being up-to-date with technological advancements of the day. The course will also educate you on new, emerging computing concepts such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and dataset management along with technologies such as the Internet of Things, Hybrid Cloud, and Edge Computing. You’ll cultivate a broad range of transferable skills used in a diverse variety of sectors.


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