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We live in the era of exploding consumer goods. Businesses today are reliant on competent supply chain or logistics managers to ensure everything is running smoothly and as it should. Supply Chain Managers ensure every unit involved in the process of production from the point of origin to the point of consumption is getting all that they require. It falls under their purview to ensure raw materials reach manufacturers and then manufactured goods reach distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and eventually end user/s. Supply Chain Management is a highly skill-oriented discipline and therefore offers lucrative careers. It’s a popular career choice among students who find themselves to be good at organizing things and maintain coordination.

The length of a BBA in logistics and supply chain management course is usually three years during which students are taught necessary skills that they require to actively and efficiently manage various supply chain activities so as to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The students are also trained to better understand cost accounting, financial statements, e-business, e-procurement systems, project management, cross-cultural or global influences and legal issues involved in managing contracts. Good logistics managers are distinct in their ability to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and be flexible. They also have efficient analytical abilities and good interpersonal skills that allow them to form effective working relationships. If you find yourself to be good at managing challenging situations or people, Supply Chain Management might just be the career for you. Other necessary skills that would help you become a good logistics manager include the ability to negotiate, articulate communication, time management, problem-solving, decision-making, ethical intelligence, mental resilience, strategic planning, and computing knowledge. Supply Chain Management falls under some of the most challenging domains and certainly requires professional training.

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