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Who, as a kid, hasn’t looked up in the sky and wondered, “How are these magnificent and giant wonders of technology made and how do they function?” Aviation is indeed an exciting and interesting field, one with diverse career paths that you can choose as per your liking. When hearing the word “Aviation” it’s natural for the only thing that comes to mind to be an Aeroplane, but air travel involves more than just an Aircraft. There’s a whole variety of tasks categorized on the basis of their complexity. There are jobs as simple as air ticketing to as complex as flying or manufacturing an aircraft. Therefore, there’s also a whole variety of diverse, both engineering-oriented and non-engineering-oriented courses.

You can opt for BBA in Aviation if you’re more management-centered or aeronautical engineering if machines and technology are what interest your intellect more. There are other courses available too, for instance, B.Sc in Airline And Airport Management, Diploma in Airport Management, Commercial Pilot Training, Diploma in Ground Staff And Cabin Crew Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Attendant, Air Ticketing & Travel Management, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering among others.

A student who has recently completed intermediate studies can pursue Bachelor’s degree courses in Aviation or if they wish they can opt for a certificate or diploma course after completing 10th standard. Since Aviation has a lot to do with travel and technology a good background in science, basic geographical knowledge, and good English speaking and comprehension skills are required for most aviation courses.

With international travel growing with time, the aviation industry in India has witnessed great expansion. Today there are many high-paying jobs within the aviation sector that you can secure with the abovementioned diplomas or degrees. Most aviation jobs, be it hospitality, management, or engineering-oriented, entail global exposure which can do wonders for your professional growth.

Experts at True Way International can help you determine which career path in the aviation industry best suits your inherent skills and qualities. We can also help you find the college that perfectly aligns with both your academic requirements and your budget. There are many reputed colleges in Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kerala that offer aviation courses at par with international standards. You also have the option to choose an aviation course abroad.


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