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Apostille Attestation


The Hague Convention Of October 1961 nullified necessity of legitimization of remote open reports. The Apostille is a universal arrangement drafted by the Hague Convention on Private International Law. Any record or testament apostilled in one part nation is adequate in all other part countries who are signatories to the Hague Convention. Apostille is appended by equipped specialists assigned by the administration of a nation that is involved with the show. It is accomplished for individual reports, for example, birth, demise, marriage authentications, Affidavits, instructive archives and testaments like Diplomas, auxiliary dimension declarations, and degrees, to give some examples. (Rundown of Countries under Hague Convention).

Apostille stamp is a square formed PC produced sticker, stuck on switch of the real records by the MEA. It is a remarkable sticker stamp with a special recognizable proof number through which any country of the Hague Convention can check its credibility on the web. Under ordinary conditions, when the report has been apostilled by MEA, it doesn’t needs to be verified anything else from the concerned outside consulate.

The ordinary authentication is accomplishing for every one of the nations which are not an individual from Hague Convention and where Apostille isn’t acknowledged. (Rundown of Countries which are not an individual from Hague Convention)


Step 1: Authentication of documents

All original certificates and documents requiring MEA to issue Apostille must be first authenticated by the respective designated authorities of the Union/State Territory from where the certificate is issued. Apostille issued can be issued by MEA when the respective relevant state authority has attested a particular certificate. A list of the Regional Authentication Centres and the designated authorities can be seen on the MEA website. (Details of RACs)

Step 2: Legalization of Documents

The Ministry of External Affairs MEA, thereafter, issues the Apostille on the document/ certificate on the basis of the seal and the signature of the respective designated authorities of the State Government concerned. Thus, MEA does not take responsibility of the contents of the certificate and document. There are three types of certificates and documents for Apostille procedures.

Nations that Accept Apostille

Recorded underneath are the countries that have marked the Hague Convention and are an individual from it. As they are signatory individuals from the Apostille settlement, they needn’t bother with a mandatory MEA general authentication and request MEA for issuing Apostille to the endorsements/reports proposed to be utilized in their country. Be that as it may, the prerequisite of authentication and Apostille can fluctuate based on the kind of the record.

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