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The medical field doesn’t only consist of doctors and nurses, although you might be under the impression that it does. The field is actually very diverse in nature and has different roles divided on the basis of required skills and knowledge. For instance, physical therapists, dieticians, and medical technologists all play crucial roles in the treatment process of a patient. They all play indispensable and consequential roles in the medical sector but they’re not exactly what you’d call a doctor, right? Professions that are although part of the medical field but don’t necessarily require thorough medicinal, surgical, or nursing knowledge fall under the area of Allied Health Professions. Allied Health is a vast field and consists of professions such as Radiology, Health Information Management, Health Administration, Health Technology, Audiology, Rehabilitation Counseling, Speech-language pathology, Chiropractor, and Medical Imaging Professionals among others.

Allied Health Professions is the field for you if you’re interested in medical sciences but just don’t see yourself spending almost 6 years in college to obtain the MBBS degree. Because of its multifarious nature, the field of Allied Health has something for everyone. If you’ve always been a tech-geek you can opt for Radiology or Health Technology or if you’re more into social justice and community advocacy you could become a social worker who helps people deal with various personal or social issues via counseling, community engagement, and other such programs.

Allied Health Professionals can work in collaboration with other healthcare providers such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, or nurses. They may be in charge of evaluating and taking care of patients’ needs and keeping doctors up-to-date with their patients’ progress. Some allied health professionals can also work independently as nutrition, health education, or exercise specialists. Allied Health Professions can broadly be divided into two categories based on education and training required. Education for Technicians or Assistants lasts less than two years. They work under therapists/technologists. Education and training for Therapists or Technologists on the other hand is more extensive and elaborate in nature and takes more time.

Owing to the myriads of options you get under the field of Allied Health, you might get confused and find yourself unable to decide a specialization that speaks most rationally with your inherent skills and qualities. Professionals at True Way International are well-versed with the intricacies of each specialization and can help you select the profession most beneficial for your professional growth. We have helped numerous students from places such as Kerala, Tamilnadu, Banglore, and many Foreign countries find their perfect career path and college.


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